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June 2011
Meet Millie
May 2011
A Walk in Linden Hills
February 2011
Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel. Or Something.
Riverbend Nature Center
January 2011
No Words Necessary
December 2010
The Seattle Skyline
The Lanipō Panorama Is Here...
Panoramas on the Way
Behold, The Mighty Albatross!
More Odd Flora
Tantalus Trails
November 2010
A Bit More Fall
The Great (November) Escape
A Map Archive
Even More at Ripley
More Ripley - Sprint and Night-O
A Story with a Moral
Back to Camp Ripley
October 2010
Two Hundred Millimeters
All Natural Potpourri
Florida Coast to Coast - Part I
August 2010
The "Devil Track"
A Dose of Humility
July 2010
We, the Navigators, Remember
June 2010
All Night Ride (Or Not.)
Another Year at the Tri-Loppet
May 2010
2nd at the Fat Otter Raid!
April 2010
William O'Brien - New and Improved!
Trail Mix
A Gnome Hunters Reunion
Terrace Oaks Meet
A New Toy
March 2010
A Sprint at Forest Park
February 2010
February is the BEST Month!
Pimped Out
The City of Lakes Loppet
January 2010
From Eternity to Here
A World of Variety: A Devil's Bargain
Gnome Hunters' Plans for 2010
We, the Navigators - Part I
Just Another Winter Day
Ski 2 Beer 3 (S2B3)
Possum Trot Video
What I Did Today, In The Freezing Cold
Gnome Hunters on Facebook
Possum Trot XIII - Part I
December 2009
Annals of Coincidence
Mount Elbert, Colorado
A Recipe
What's That Running-in-the-woods Thing You Do Again?
A‘ole Nā Malihini ‘Āina - ‘Ekolu
November 2009
Southern Stars
A‘ole Nā Malihini ‘Āina - ‘Elua
The Man Whom The Trees Loved
A‘ole Nā Malihini ‘Āina - ‘Ekahi
Diamond Head
Mānoa Falls
Do You Feel Safe at Home?
October 2009
US orienteering;navigation Champs - Day 2
On a White Sandy Beach
US orienteering;navigation Champs - Day 1
Pikes Peak Video
Why I Like Grand Marais
Money, Money, Money
Cable Car Quickie
Off to San Francisco!
What More Can I Say?
Gloria In Excelsis Deo
September 2009
More Colorado/Wyoming Photos
The Wild 24 Hour Race
Up and Down Quandary Peak
A Vacation Preview
Why Is It Called Colorado?
Pikes Peak!
Garden of the Gods
Happy Toe Jam
Pelican Bay
Bisbee Hill
One Cowboy Relay
Huff and Puff at The Pond
Cool Sky Country
August 2009
On the Plains of Despair
Day Two - A Lie, A Bridge, A Mountain
Day One - Harney Peak and Howls
Day One - Scuffs
Bits and Pieces
However Far Away
Storm and St. Paul
Ice on Lake Superior
Who's Special?
Welcome to the Neighborhood!
A Visit to the Wounded Knee Memorial
July 2009
Art Along the Greenway
Neat Stuff on the Intertubes: Ka-Boom!
Fun on the Kettle River
Neat Stuff on the Intertubes: Vertigo Edition
June 2009
Gettin' Dirty at the Tri-Loppet
Wild Summer Race Video
Earthscenes I
Pete Meets Bear
First Storm of the Season
Wild Summer Race
Wild Spring 12 hour Teaser Video
MIX Race Report - Part III
May 2009
Some Different Perspectives
Corporate Relay Category at the Tri-Loppet
Wild Spring 12 hour Video
A World of Variety: Oneida (Iroquoian)
Up the River... Again
MIX Race Report - Part II
6th Place at MIX!
Signing Off...
First Race of the Year!
Anishinaabe - Part IV. A Bad Deal
Hills, Hills, and More Hills
April 2009
Strange Outfits at Wirth Park
Anishinaabe - Part III. Seasons
Spring is Springing (Slowly)
F*@#^%n' Sand Dunes
Bridges Galore!
35 miles of the Snake River
OTNT at Tamarack
Anishinaabe - Part II
Anishinaabe - Part I
Wallace Falls
March 2009
This Year's Hyland Park Sprint
Pete Meets Moose
Baby, You're a Star! Part II
Random Shots
A World of Variety: Ktunaxa
Neat Stuff on the Intertubes: "A Remarkable Storm"
Aftermath of the Ham Lake Fire
Sacagawea Summit and the Bridger Range
A World of Variety: Iñupiaq (Eskimo-Aleut)
Baby, You're a Star! Part I
Are You Doing Your Part for Science?
You Don't Know the Sun!
Have Camera, Will Travel
A World of Variety: Southwestern Ojibwe (Algonquian)
Neat Stuff on the Intertubes: Ocean Edition
February 2009
A World of Variety: Klallam (Salishan)
A World of Variety: Arikara (Caddoan)
Angry Pig Drives a Tractor
A Really Big Pile of Sand
A World of Variety: Tlingit (Na-Dené)
A World of Variety: Creek (Muskogean)
A World of Variety: Lakota (Siouxan)
A World of Variety
Some Navigation Training Ideas
A Great Day at Afton
Paying Homage
Wyoming - It's Not Just Cows
Some Older Music
New Music and Photo Browsers
Our Annual Moon Viewing
'09 Adventure Race Plans
New Music!
It's Back to School Time
January 2009
New Music!
Washington (State) in the Winter
December 2008
Something Leafy for Winter
Report from Possum Trot XII
November 2008
Finished a Big-A** Race
13th Place at USARA Nationals!
October 2008
A Busy Weekend
Adventure Run #2
September 2008
Wild 24 Hour - In the Books