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2nd at the Fat Otter Raid!

Ahhh... the joy of looking back on finishing another expedition-level adventure race! Gnome Hunters fielded a three-person coed team at the (hopefully) first annual Raid put on by Team Fat Otter this past weekend. The venue was central Wisconsin, in the Black River Falls area. Rick, Val, and I were all tempted by the close location and reasonable price, and signed up despite knowing little about the reputation of the race organizers. It turned out that was absolutely nothing to worry about - in fact, it was one of the most well-designed 3-day races I've ever participated in.

I might as well spoil the results right now, and say that we did better than we expected - but needed a little help to get there. We ended up in 2nd place overall, 1st in the open division. The only team to gather more checkpoints than us (since the time was filled out with a rogaine section) was Team Goretex, who came east from Colorado, Utah, and Oregon to go after the Checkpoint Tracker points this race offered. But still, we weren't far behind. We were also pushed quite a bit by Midwest Mountaineering, who had a strong performance, took 3rd overall and 2nd in division to Goretex, and further showed their sportsmanship at the end of the race.

I took some helmet cam video at this race too - not as much as I'd like turned out, and my battery ran down too early - but to see our route on Google Maps, read the play-by-play, and check out the video I did get, click on the link for Part I!