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I was at Riverbend Nature Center today for the second MNOC event of the season. It's a great venue - it has a large, well appointed visitor center with a variety of inside displays, most oriented towards kids. Like many similar locations, there's a whole raft of bird feeders hanging just outside the window, and several chairs and set of binoculars just inside. So it wasn't hard to break out the latest camera gear, kick back with my feet up (well, that was partially to be able to steady the camera against my knee), and start taking pictures in ease and comfort.

A male cardinal.

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Riverbend Nature Center

It's the location of our second winter meet of the year. Like our first one at Afton State Park, it was set as a 90-minute Score-O. Justin and Molly set 21 controls scattered around the nature center, in a bend of the Straight River (ha ha) on the southeast edge of Faribault.

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February 13th, 2011 course at Riverbend Nature Center.