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Two Hundred Millimeters

The second lens I bought for my SLR (other than the one that came with it) was a 200 mm fixed telephoto lens that opens up to f/2.8 for those low light situations. I've been slowly learning how to use it over the last few months, and here are some of the results.

Juniper seeds are yummy.

I'm not quite satisfied with that last one, though. I should have traded a little shutter speed for depth of field, but these little fellows move so fast there's not a whole lot of wiggle room.

This guy was trying to stay as still as possible, though, so that made it easy.

Not quite hidden in the tall grass...

A little orange and black.

A Halloween sunset.

Things that are wrong and things that are right, at the same time.

Fun on the St. Croix.

The first cardinal of November, perhaps? Oh, never mind.

And finally, a little fun with backlighting.

Oak leaves.

Ah, hobbies. It's too bad this is tempting me to look into an even larger telly, or at the very least an extender.