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Mount Elbert, Colorado

Here's a few photos to make up for my alarming lack of posts recently. It must be the holiday season... so busy... new snow... seasonal affective disorder... yeah, that's the ticket. From my Colorado trip in 2007.

Summit of Mount Elbert - 8 AM, clear skies.

I started the ascent of Mount Elbert from the Half Moon Campground around 3 AM. I'd had four days of dirty, wet, summer monsoon weather, but when I woke up to my watch alarm and looked outside, the sky was dead clear with a million stars. And the air was cold!

Predawn moon over the Mount Elbert Trail.

Walking in the dark with a headlamp is a very peaceful experience. I came up above treeline and was well past 13,000 feet before the sun peeked up above the horizon.

Sunrise shadow on the upper slopes.

I'd made sure to have a bit of a treat for the summit. This was my second attempt - I had to turn back the first time due to some foul weather blowing in over the unseen side of the mountain. See my Quandary Peak post for some video of the same thing, all too common when you're up high. It's something you just have to get used to.

My reward!

Not surprislngly, there were some great views on the way down.

The north spur of the mountain, near treeline.

Alpine woods along the trail.