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A Sprint at Forest Park

Last weekend I headed down to St. Louis with a dozen other MNOCers for the Gateway Grunt orienteering weekend - a sprint at Forest Park on Friday, a middle distance and sprint at Hawn State Park on Saturday, capped off with the 16-kilometer goat-style "Grunt" on Sunday. After the success of my Possum Trot video, I was definitely planning to wear my helmet cam for all the races. So here's the first installment - a full, unedited video of the Friday sprint. It works a lot better if you bring up the map and follow along.

It's a large video, so give it a couple minutes to load, and please excuse the rough audio. There is one epithet at about 4:55 in, when I realize a silly parallel error, but so far the video has proven I'm much less... expressive than I think I am on-course.