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Garden of the Gods

On Wednesday we left Estes Park in the morning and arrived near Colorado Springs in mid-afternoon. We got settled in at the campground (which was nothing much to speak of, a commercial deal hemmed in by the four-lane highway) and visited Garden of the Gods in the afternoon.

The "Kissing Camels" are in the top center of this photo.

The Kissing Camels and White Rock.

Garden of the Gods belongs to the city of Colorado Springs, and a part of the dedication from the original owners in 1909 stated that the park must always remain free and open to the public - so there are no fees to visit - but the city makes a good amount from the well-appointed visitor center. The formations are quite interesting, although not any more spectacular than other places I've been like the Badlands or the canyonlands of Utah.

It's no surprise that the formations attract rock climbers.

Climber at Garden of the Gods

Afterwards we got dinner in town, then headed back to get into bed early in anticipation of our 5:30 AM start up the Barr Trail.