Pete's Stuff

A Busy Weekend

Went for a quick weekend trip to Levis Mounds with Chuck and Dave. Got there a little late and rode Porky Point. On the way to North Face, my crank arm finally came loose for good. Tried to repair it with electrical tape and a rubber strap, but no dice. Might as well use the opportunity to replace the whole crank set, including the beat-up old chainring.

Chuck and Dave went out to get the last ride before sunset, and while I was siiting around a family drove up in a minivan. I started talking to them, and it turned out to be one of the guys who basically built the whole trail system. His was his daughter's birthday and there were doing a fire and night hike, but after hearing about my situation he offered to let me use one of his bikes, since he was coming out there the next morning to ride anyway. Super cool.

Chuck, Dave, and I went out for dinner and a little rural WI bar hopping. The camp was empty went we got back, but we restarted the fire for a couple hours.

Dean came by the next morning with his friend Sue and the extra bike, so the five of rode Yellow Jacket - Goat Dance - Sidewinder x2 - Hermosa - Toad Road (up) - Cliffhanger. A little cool and windy, though. Left around noon.

Rushed home and printed out most of the course master maps only to realize it wasn't the latest version. So I ended up late to Sand Dunes, out of the car with the first batch of controls just before 6 PM. Worked through to 8:30 with the headlamp and got 17 placed - only 15 remaining for tomorrow morning.

I seem to be attracting the fuzz lately. As I was pulling away from my second-to-last loop, I got stopped by the local game warden. I was ready to dig for the permit, and had to open up the hatchback to get to it, but as soon as he saw the flags and boxes of junk strewn about, it was obvious what my situation was. So he said it wasn't a big deal and went off to look for other miscreants, after suggesting we should ensure people wear orange out there.