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Meet Millie

This robin is about at home in an urban environment as a bird can be. A couple of weeks ago she built a nest in the crook of a drainpipe at my parents' house, and proceeded to lay her eggs.


But four days ago they hatched, and now there's three ugly floppy, voracious little babies.

Food, please!

Momma has to go find food for them, of course, so she has to leave the nest quite often. She's also got a sharp eye for anything different, including the residents of the house. I sat and watched as my parents went in and out of the back door. She would flutter off the nest at the first disturbance, to the fence, to the roof next door, to the phone wire, back to the fence, keeping a cocked eye at the intruders the whole time.

Food, please!

She only became comfortable after my parents went inside, but then turned her attention to the guy with the camera resting on the front gate. I did manage to see her feed one of the babies, but the photo didn't turn out. I'll have a few more opportunities, of course.

Food, please!