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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Nothing says a great place to live like a community art project! (Well, maybe there's other things.) For some time now I've been aware of various murals in the Twin Cities, usually seeing them out the corner of my eye while driving past. Some of them are carefully planned, possibly commissioned works, others are obviously amateur, and of course there's always the kind made with spray paint. I remember one that used to be on the back side of a building in Dinkytown, painted by Heart of the Earth students in 1997. That building is no longer there; it's been converted into a contract parking lot by the irresistable expansion of the U of M. So I thought it would be fun, and perhaps timely, to start recording some of these walls in high resolution, taking multiple frames and using photo stitching software.

Presented: one for Longfellow, and one for Seward.

The Longfellow piece is on the south side of a building at 40th and Minnehaha, painted on cinder block with the artists' signatures in the lower right.

View huge size (11187x2497)

This one is on the east side of a brick building near Franklin and 26th Ave, but it's actually not that visible from the street; it's easy to miss. A nice touch is the brown tree branches on the left side that spell out a stylized "Welcome." There's a lot of little details that make it representative of the area - the two women in hajib (representing the Somali population), lots of bikers, the guy playing violin by the lamppost, and even the raccoon hanging out down by the river.

View huge size (11546x2865)

I'm hoping to record more neighborhood-specific murals as I encounter them. Since I'm a geek that way, here's a map with precise locations. Bonus: a couple of them (but not all) are visible in Street View.

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