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Sacagawea Summit and the Bridger Range

Primal Quest '08

Yours truly on a most awesome ridgeline - just south of Sacagawea Summit in the Bridger Range northeast of Bozeman, Montana.

It easy to see in the photos the unique nature of the central Montana mountains. Each range is fairly isolated and distinctively sticks up out of the lower valleys, so, from the top of any one range you can look out and see the others appearing as islands in an ocean of blue-green. From atop the Bridger Range we could look out to the east and see the Crazy Mountains; to the southeast, the Absaroka Range; to the south; the Gallatin and Madison ranges; and to the west, the Tobacco Root mountains.

More photos below the fold.

Corbly Gulch

We reached the Bridger Ridge on Day 7 of PQ'08, after a 90 mile bike ride. We started by climbing up Corbly Gulch from the west.

Near the top of Corbly Gulch, looking west. The little piece of tape on the sign was the "checkpoint". Mark is on his way there, tired as hell and rocking a pretty good beard. The Tobacco Root range is along the horizon.

On the ridgeline

Does it look like I have any sense of style? Of course not. Let's count the problems:

  1. Form fitting tights.
  2. Rolled-up sleeves.
  3. Kick ass boarder goggles.
  4. "Head protector".
  5. Mountain man look.
  6. Questionable stance.
But, I was standing on top of that mountain, and you weren't.

The next two photos are a couple of the best to show the sheer scale of the range - not unfamiliar to those people who've ridge walked before, but stil hard to comprehend from a mere photo. The second one shows us descending towards a saddle at about 9,000 feet - notable because we were buzzed by the media helicopter while there. The Gallatin Range is visible on the horizon.

And one more taken from the south side of Ross Peak, just before our second aborted attempt to do the ridge walk.