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Art Along the Greenway

The Minneapolis Midtown Greenway is a fairly new bike trail that runs right through the middle of the city on an old railroad grade. As you head towards the river in the Seward neighborhood, where the trail abuts a series of industrial/commercial buildings, you'll see this off to your left:

Scroll the photo to the right for the whole thing, or click on it (at your own risk) to get a ginormous full resolution version.

One neat thing about this wall is all the creatures populating it, all mostly native to Africa. What looks like an ibis:

A fat old baobab tree.

A toucan with a rather strange expression on his face, for a bird.

A butterfly, probably based on a photo of a Morpho species.

An almost political juxtaposition (unintentional, I would imagine.) Also, I'm not sure how the eagle could fly.

A happy-looking but slightly creepy monkey.

And this is just someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.