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Wyoming - It's Not Just Cows

When you think of Wyoming, I'd bet one the the first things that comes to mind are the vast western plains, filled with vast herds of cattle. Or maybe, the attendant old-style cowboys spending all day in the saddle with nothing but a chaw of tobacco, a flask of spirits, and a pound of hardtack. Or maybe a lonely field of oil rigs surrounded by sagebrush to the horizon. Of course, there's always Yellowstone, and the Tetons too... but back in 2007, I found that Wyoming has a lot of lesser-known scenic areas. One in particular is the Snowy Range, a small, steep range about 30 miles west of Laramie in the southeastern corner of the state.

Here's a few photos from the top of the range, between 10,000 and 12,000 feet in altitude. I shot them with a old pocket digital camera, and only did some touchup work on one of them - but it doesn't matter much, since the scenery is so photogenic! Click through to see them all.

Lake Marie in the Snowy Range, Wyoming

Fog over a lake

Break in the clouds

Fireweed among rocks

Mountain pines

View from the shoulder of Medicine Bow Peak