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Another Year at the Tri-Loppet

It's that time of the year again - high summer. Bright sun, thick humid air, plenty of mosquitoes, and the annual City of Lakes Tri-Loppet offroad triathlon. In a change from last year, I decided not to compete, and instead showed up to take photos and videos of the intrepid MNOC gang and any other folks who happened to wander into my field of view. The decision was motivated by my plan to do the Gnome Hunters All Night Ride that evening, and sealed by letting the June 23rd registration deadline go by without sending anything in.

More photos behind the link.

See all photos from the Tri-Loppet on Flickr.

Molly and Justin doubled up in a Kevlar canoe and had a good enough paddle split to let Molly take 2nd overall in the women's doubles division.

There was a little mixup with the placement. She really got 2nd, and swapped it out for a red one.

There was a nice fallen tree along the Quaking Bog trail that made for some photo ops:

Great air!

K to the brink, man.

This didn't have anything to do with the fact I had a camera.

Molly wasn't the only one to medal - Jasper did the course (with Dad in tow), and got a spot on the podium for his effort.

The rest of the photos are currently up on Flickr. Go see 'em!