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All Night Ride (Or Not.)

I skipped competing in the Tri-Loppet this year because I was going to join Rick, Brian, and Corey for the (now 2nd!) annual All Night Ride.

It doesn't get any prettier.

Start: Brian's house, South Minneapolis, 7:30 PM.

Turnaround: Somewhere near Hutchinson, McLeod County. 2:30 AM.

Finish: Bryant-Lake Bowl, Uptown. 9:30 AM. Breakfast and celebratory beer.

Distance: About 140 miles.

Chafing Factor: Severe.

Rick, Brian, and I started out on time, and rode down the parkway and around the chain of lakes up to the eastern terminus of the Luce Line extension. It was a bit more exciting than usual because there was a strong line of thunderstorms bearing down on the Twin Cities right about that time. As we crossed I-394 on Wirth Parkway, we could see a dark black storm to the WSW, with a disturbing amount of lightning on the horizon. The storms were blowing rain up out ahead of them, so we were fighting a little bit of wind and spit.


Another Year at the Tri-Loppet

It's that time of the year again - high summer. Bright sun, thick humid air, plenty of mosquitoes, and the annual City of Lakes Tri-Loppet offroad triathlon. In a change from last year, I decided not to compete, and instead showed up to take photos and videos of the intrepid MNOC gang and any other folks who happened to wander into my field of view. The decision was motivated by my plan to do the Gnome Hunters All Night Ride that evening, and sealed by letting the June 23rd registration deadline go by without sending anything in.

More photos behind the link.


Do You Feel Safe at Home?

This Saturday Chris and Verónica were kind enough to set up a 3-4 hour AR practice event in Minnetonka. A big group of us headed out to Lone Lake Park for the 9 AM start. It was cold, windy, and raw out, but we warmed up quickly with a 300 meter run to the top of a hill to pick up our maps. Stephen Regenold and I ran solo, while everyone else teamed up in twos or threes. Midwest Mountaineering even showed up in their Halloween cowboy costumes!

Take a look at Attackpoint for a quick description of the course and links to gmap-pedometer. I had a pretty good run in just about 3 hours.

Except for the part where I skidded my bike out on wet leaves over asphalt, doing about 17 mph.

That's about 15-20 feet of plowed-up leaves. From my body.

So today I'm really sore all along the left side of my body - a sore calf, a big bruise on my upper outer thigh, a sore shoulder, a scrape on my arm, and a sore right side of the neck from the whiplash where my head hit the ground (that's why you wear a HELMET, people!) and snapped my teeth together. I can't turn my head all the way to the right, and have given in and taken a couple doses of Vitamin I since then.

Outdoor athletes have a hard life sometimes. It reminds me of Stephen's story about going to get a physical a couple days after a particularly prickly orienteering event. The doctor took one look at the scratches on his face and arms and asked, "Do you feel safe at home?" The standard domestic abuse question. You can understand why the doctor was professionally obligated to ask it, but in the actual context, it was pretty amusing. And it made for plenty of merriment, off-color comments, and a fair amount of teasing when he later retold the story - especially with Kari there.

Gettin' Dirty at the Tri-Loppet

A bunch of us got together on Saturday morning to run the 4th Annual City of Lakes Tri-loppet. It's a summer event hosted by the local nordic ski club, and is run like a off-road triathlon, with paddling replacing swimming.

I also put together a photo montage of the MNOCers that did the event. (All photos are from the gallery at Skinnyski).

View 2009 Tri-Loppet Course in a larger map


A Busy Weekend

Went for a quick weekend trip to Levis Mounds with Chuck and Dave. Got there a little late and rode Porky Point. On the way to North Face, my crank arm finally came loose for good. Tried to repair it with electrical tape and a rubber strap, but no dice. Might as well use the opportunity to replace the whole crank set, including the beat-up old chainring.