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Annals of Coincidence

Every once in a while, you're privy to an amusing coincidence. In fact, I'll bet it happens more often that "once in a while", but you have to pay attention.

Case in point: I had to work today (but not too hard) and stopped in at Caribou for my morning coffee. As they were brewing the espresso, I perused the front page of the Pioneer Press, as I always do. My acquaintance Richard Chin had a front and center article:

"Heeere's Johnny!" "Soft Corinthian leather." "I coulda been a contender." "Don't leave home without them." "Danger, Will Robinson." "Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside."

If any of these phrases ring a bell to you, then take a moment before the year peters out to raise a glass to Ed McMahon, Ricardo Montalban, Budd Schulberg, Karl Malden, Bob May and Vic Mizzy.

They made those catchphrases famous by saying, writing, acting or composing them, and alas, they all died in 2009.

It's time once again for the Pioneer Press' annual roll call of the lives that came to an end that weren't quite as notable as Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy or Walter Cronkite, who also passed away in 2009.

After reaching about that point, I realized what was playing on the Musak overhead.

A complete coincidence, of course.

(If the Amazon preview doesn't work, listen to it on the iTunes Store.)

What More Can I Say?

I have orienteering friends who talk a lot of trash. (Thankfully, it's usually not to me.)

While under the influence of several Summit IPAs, a recent round of jousting about this year's Possum Trot race gave me a moment of inspiration that was well satisfied by a few Google image searches and a hour or so in Photoshop. The resulting hilarity forces me to repost it here for all to enjoy.

If you don't get it... you won't get it.