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Possum Trot XIII - Part I

Knob Noster State Park, in the beautiful state of Missouri, was the site of my first Possum Trot, way back in 2002. I think it was just me, Ian, and Brian May at the time, and the other two had decent runs there. Which means Brian won, by a lot. In contrast, I was overwhelmed by the map and the course, and ended up DNFing. But it was only my second year in the sport, and I was wasn't quite in peak shape yet :) This year, I could rightly say I had a little more experience, particularly with Missouri style ridge-and-reentrant terrain, and felt good about going back.

Sunday course - Possum Trot XIII at Knob Noster. Click to enlarge

And I ran well. Well, for the first 27 controls. I wasn't worried about the navigation this time, I was worried about the competition!


What's That Running-in-the-woods Thing You Do Again?

For all the times I've been asked that question. This is some raw video from last weekend's Possum Trot.

Download this video (14.4 MB)

Click on the still frame to play.

Some notes:

By the way, watching this is a LOT of fun, and I'm really tempted to wear this camera for a lot of the stuff I do... yes, I'm a geek. With pride.

Report from Possum Trot XII

This year's Possum Trot was on the south side of the Bluffwoods CA (PT IX was on the north half of the map.) We had nine people going down in two cars - Mike, Julia, Ian, me, Molly, Justin, Tom, Jerritt, and Jim. We represented well at all three of the weekend events - Justin and I placed 1-2 in the Saturday sprint course on the campus of Johnson Community College, and Ian took his age group. The next day we placed 2nd-4th in the 13 km Possum Trot, and Tom took 6th. On the women's side, Julia took 3rd behind Anna S-S and Sharon (that's her running to the finish.)

The Christmas party was a lot of fun this year as well - back at the pizza joint from a couple years ago. There wasn't as much stealing during the white elephant gift game, though, somewhat of a disappointment. I ended up with the box of chocolate goodies that Ian had brought, so we had something to share between the vans on the long drive home.

The true geekery commences below the fold.