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Another Year at the Tri-Loppet

It's that time of the year again - high summer. Bright sun, thick humid air, plenty of mosquitoes, and the annual City of Lakes Tri-Loppet offroad triathlon. In a change from last year, I decided not to compete, and instead showed up to take photos and videos of the intrepid MNOC gang and any other folks who happened to wander into my field of view. The decision was motivated by my plan to do the Gnome Hunters All Night Ride that evening, and sealed by letting the June 23rd registration deadline go by without sending anything in.

More photos behind the link.


Trail Mix

Last weekend was a rare one for me, with two "official" race events. On Saturday morning, I subbed for Tom on a 4-person team at the Trail Mix, an annual 50K/25K trail race at Hyland Lake Park Reserve. The the elite event is the solo 50K, or four loops around a 7.8-mile trail course. They also offer a two-loop solo 25K, and the team event is for those runners who aren't ultra-level; four people start at the same time and each run one loop, then their times are combined. Tom had signed up with Kelly, Justin and Molly in the even-mixed division (two men and two women), but swapped onto his friends' team at the last minute because one of their runners bowed out. So I ended up running for the whimsically named "Rainbow Unicorn"!


Gettin' Dirty at the Tri-Loppet

A bunch of us got together on Saturday morning to run the 4th Annual City of Lakes Tri-loppet. It's a summer event hosted by the local nordic ski club, and is run like a off-road triathlon, with paddling replacing swimming.

I also put together a photo montage of the MNOCers that did the event. (All photos are from the gallery at Skinnyski).

View 2009 Tri-Loppet Course in a larger map


Some Navigation Training Ideas

I thought I'd try to record for posterity some of the more unique and interesting events we've done during our informal TNT (Tuesday Night Training) sessions.

December 2008 (Stephen & Kari) - "The Orienteerduobowlathlon".
October 2008 (Pete) - Team Memory-O at Battle Creek.
September 2008 (Todd) - Flow course at Como.
August 2008 (Mo & Biz) - "Search for the One-Eyed Hooker" at Wirth.
July 2008 (Mike) - "Leader of the Pack" plus sprint at Hyland
April 2008 (Ian) - Scrabble-O at Lake Elmo
August 2007 (Darryn) - Trail course at Wirth

More details on each below the fold.


Finished a Big-A** Race

Living History Farms XC run in Des Moines. About 30 degrees and windy at the start. A bit slow for the first half mile as the 7,500 starters spread out. Then mostly gravel and open grass for the first four miles as I steadily passed on the outside (or inside). Excellent pace, 4-mile split was 27:30, but after that we hit all the creek crossings. Mile 5 was quite a bit slower as the trail narrowed and went down and up through creek valleys and some fairly steep slopes, some with ropes. I was early enough and the ground was semifrozen, so it wasn't too muddy. Mile 6 was more of the same, then a long uphill that I nearly had to walk (but not quite.) After that, though, it was a good hard trail run downhill to the finish.

Everyone in the van did pretty well - best times were Chad around 45 minutes and Dylan near 48-49, I had 51-52, Reed at 58, and mo+biz at 61.

(Mike looks great with the afro pigtails!)