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The Seattle Skyline

Here it is—a 180 degree view of the Seattle skyline from Gasworks Park on the north edge of Lake Union. Also available in convenient 15 Mpx, 100 Mpx, and 250 Mpx sizes.

Starting from the left edge and moving to the right, you can see part of the old gas works; Capitol Hill; downtown; the Space Needle; Queen Anne; and the Aurora bridge and Lake Union docks.

I know it looks a bit glum, but that's Seattle weather for you. I think I'll do a second version of this panorama with the contrast boosted, especially in the center where the horizon is far away and the atmosphere washes out the downtown buildings.

Panoramas on the Way

As a follow-up to my first effort at a high-resolution, panoramic photo, I made sure to take a couple more while on vacation. It'll take a couple days to stitch them together, but I'm looking forward to the results.

As a teaser, here's a annotated video panorama of the last one.

The Great (November) Escape

Less than a week now until I'm on my yearly escape from the November gray. This isn't a very good month in Minnesota - too cold, windy, and cloudy to be a continuation of fall, and too warm for most winter sports. And, it's going to be so much fun where I'm going.

First it's Thanksgiving weekend in Seattle to visit the newest member of the family.

Dan, Zach, and Jane.

Annie is flying in from Honolulu, and Jane and Dan generously gave my parents an early Christmas present of plane tickets, so the five members of the Curtis family are going to have a holiday reunion of sorts.

Then it's on to paradise (not Paradise, although that's pretty close to Seattle).

Tropical rain and coconut palms.

And finally back home in mid-December. Even better, all the flights are nonstop and all three for $800 including fees. Sweet... except maybe for the inevitable near-nude pictures of me that, although I don't really care about them specifically (people are way too prudish about the human body), are totally unnecessary for the joke that is airport "security".

By the time I get home, I'm hoping for a full 20+ inches of powdery snow all ready for some serious skiing. The only downside is that I'll miss this year's Possum Trot, thus allowing Ian to lengthen his lead in the lifetime standings by virtue of attendance.