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A Bit More Fall

Whoops - forgot a few photos that I wanted to post in my last batch of teleshots. So here they are.

A quiet walk at Afton State Park.



They say that a pun is the lowest form of humor. So, something a little more um, elevated.

The Mississippi River valley viewed from Buena Vista Park in Alma, Wisconsin. Lock and Dam #4 is on the right, the Alma coal plant on the left, and the town down below. Click on the image to see a medium-sized version, or try the 25-megapixel large version and the 150-megapixel enormous version, if you think you can handle it! The full size version is big enough to read the street signs down in the town.

Made with Hugin for Mac, an powerful open-source panorama stitching program. I think it did a excellent job of putting together this image, even though I went out of my way to make it difficult:

  1. My tripod wasn't level.
  2. I forgot to fix the ISO, so the exposure varied between individual shots.
  3. It was basically facing into the sun. I hadn't planned it, so I just shot what I had when I got there.
  4. It was a hazy day with a warm south wind, so the contrast was bad.

Either way, it's good practice for what I'd really like to do, which is to climb Mount Elbert next year when I go to Colorado, and take a 360 degree, gigapixel view, hopefully in perfect, "severe clear" conditions like that excursion in 2007.

US orienteering;navigation Champs - Day 2

Sunday's courses started from the same location at the group camp, but went south and west on the Cat's Agenda map instead. This was a simple one-day A-meet, and without a "championship" course at stake, I ran up to the Blue course to get more time in the terrain. Charlie had set the courses, and when I turned over the map at the start, I saw there was a little less penalty for navigation mistakes - not a lot less, but there were certainly more good catching features.

Day 2 Blue course. Click to enlarge.

You all know what happens if you click the link.


US orienteering;navigation Champs - Day 1

Last weekend was the 2009 US Orienteering Champs, hosted only a few hours away by our friends in the Badger Club. All the events were held on a relatively new set of maps (one just finished this summer) in the Northern Kettle Moraine area with evocative names like Cat's Meow, Cat's Agenda, and Hep Cat. The map below speaks for itself!

Day 1 Red course - 2009 US Champs. Click to enlarge.

Mostly open, white woods and a tremendous amount of contour detail made it some of the most challenging terrain I've ever run on. Read on to find out how I did...


Random Shots

Here's a few more random photos I took in the past couple of weeks.

Playing around with exposure adjustments. Saturating the output leads to the "divine light" effect.


More photos below the fold.