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This is a list of all videos I've published on the site. Click on a still frame to play it and show more information.

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Possum Trot - Full Video (6:19)

The first third of Possum Trot XIII, from a runner's eye view. This is the fully edited version of last month's quick clip.

Skiing at Sunfish Lake (3:59)

A short, late afternoon ski outing at Sunfish Lake Park, land of many hills and twisty trails.

Possum Trot XIII (1:15)

A couple of quick clips from my new helmet cam, while running the first third of last weekend's Possum Trot.

Pikes Peak Video (8:06)

Video from our all-day climb (and the ride down) on Pikes Peak on September 10, 2009.

Up and Down Quandary Peak, Colorado (6:15)

Some lightly edited video from my climb of Quandary Peak in the Tenmile Range on September 12. For all you flatlanders (oh, wait, that includes me.)

Riverboarding on the Kettle River (2:32)

Some unedited video of Stephen, Stanley, and Mark riverboarding at Blueberry Slide on the Kettle River, during extremely low water (200 cfs).

Wild AR Summer Race Highlight Video (4:23)

Another highlight video, this time for the summer race on June 13th.

Earthscenes I (7:44)

"Earth has many environments. Some are friendly and some are hostile. But they're all works of art."

This video pairs beautiful images from Google Earth that might as well be abstract art, with music by my personal favorite of the 18th century.

It's titled with enough information so you can explore for yourself.

Wild AR Spring 12 hour Teaser Video (0:58)

This is the full resolution version of the teaser video for the Spring 12 hour race, posted on Youtube and embedded on the Wild Adventure Race site.

Wild AR Spring 12 hour Highlight Video (5:42)

This is my first major attempt at video production. It's a highlight reel from the Wild Adventure Race Spring 12 hour in Red Wing back on the 10th of May.